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Parliament info in your pocket

Thanks to the new Bundestag app, users will be able to see everything that is happening in the German Parliament, simply in a few clicks and all in one place!



How we got
under the dome

We have succeeded with our concept that fulfilled the demanding criteria of the open public tender against high quality competitors. The tender included a technical description of the solution, where we designed the development of a native application and a couple of API tricks that would greatly simplify the operations of the app. Our solution did not only meet all the Bundestag requirements, but they also really liked our UX and UI design proposal.



The information character of the application was important for us. Although we did not expect it, finding the right visual style turned out to be quite simple in the end. We were inspired by German modernism and Jan Tschichold's typography. These elements have helped maintain a clean look and clarity despite there being a lot of information.


The burden
of heritage

The technical state of the original Bundestag application no longer met the current requirements, so many changes had to be made. Starting where someone else has left off is usually more difficult than starting to build on a clean meadow, but the positive aspect was that we could avoid discovering the problems that already existed when we arrived. The new app does not use webviews like the original one and it is completely independent of the Bundestag website. We developed a native full-quality application for both platforms.


Live streams
and millions of data

The app really contains a lot of data. We had to simplify the information hierarchy of the entire application so that users could easily search for information about Parliament and its members. The new app will offer things such as on-line broadcasts from the sessions, and we have also added alerts for the ones that are going on at the moment.


In the Bundestag
like at home

We spent tens of hours on calls with the client to fine-tune every detail of the app to our and the Bundestag’s satisfaction. We got to get to know the Berlin atmosphere, German culture and have a closer look at the current website as well as the Bundestag manual. Our final point was having the modern appearance of the app still maintain the serious face of the German constitutional authority.



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