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Delivery Hero is a unicorn startup based in Berlin. This company that provides a complex online food delivery service for more than 40 countries all over the world has come to Ackee seeking aid in fixing it’s internal bug problem.

Our solution

The startup Valk Fleet, a supplier for the Delivery Hero app, lost its development partner at a crucial time when the app did not work as it should. The circumstances required a quick solution, and we had plenty to bring to the table considering our experience working with Dame Jidlo, a similar application that is part of the Delivery Hero global startup. It was actually Dame Jidlo who recommended us for our technical knowledge, and when Valk Fleet came to us, we didn’t hesitate to help out.

Main benefit

The problems that the original application encountered had to be solved on the spot. We sent our analysts and developers to Germany to consult and fix the program’s bugs and errors directly with Valk Fleet’s local team. Within a few weeks we successfully pinpointed the issues and rapidly progressed the status of the application. Afterwards, we provided long-term consultations in regards to improving other features and functions of the application.

Samuel Fuentes, CTO at Valk Fleet

Samuel Fuentes

Co-founder & CTO

At Ackee, we appreciated the flexibility, communication, good ideas, and above all, the experience with the development of these kinds of applications. Thanks for your cooperation!

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