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Ethereum iOS Dev Kit

Into the mobile world with crypto

Our new idea has succeeded in a grant competition Ethereum Foundation, which supports a development of Ethereum - the second most valuable crypto currency after Bitcoin.

Our solution

We create a starting project for a development of applications working with Ethereum blockchain. As a base for this we use a project skeleton, which has been developed in Ackee internally in the past two years. Moreover, we want to tack on a library enabling operations with Ethereum blockchain straight from Swift.

Main benefit

The result of our work shall be published as an open source on Ackee github. We develop a versatile tool for all iOS mobile applications and developers with an intention to develop apps working with Ethereum blockchain – from online wallets to those operating with smart contracts.

Scope of delivery

We shall deliver a complete Xcode project so that the only thing that programmers intending to create iOS apps that communicate with Ethereum blockchain would need to do would be to pull our repo and the most of their work shall be done.

Technology used

We open source the whole Ackee skeleton, all technologies we use. For instance, Reaktive, Alamofire or SnapKit. We build our solution over already existing library EtherKit.

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