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First steps in Prague

An app that helps foreigners to catch up with the life not only in Prague but also in the whole Czech Republic. Basic info and contact details at one place – the easiest settlement ever.

app Praguer Ackee
app Praguer Ackee
app Praguer Ackee

Our solution

Praguer is a well-arranged and intuitive app. The first folder contains twelve color-coded categories. In each category there are simple explanations of some specific rules and duties or contact details of particular institutions. Information on your stay, health care, transportation or Prague Integration Centre itself to be found easily at one place. Everything can be shown on a map and SOS contact details can be dialled through a speed dial button.

Main benefit

The Praguer application will accelerate and simplify the foreigner integration process. To have enough information to understand a different culture is a first step and our app offers all the necessary details. The app allows you to switch between languages. All categories scaled from possibilities of stay to working opportunities contain clear information on how to deal with these life situations here in Czech Republic and which institution to contact and how.

app Praguer Ackee
app Praguer Ackee
app Praguer Ackee

Scope of delivery

We were developing a hybrid application, one app that serves both iOS and Android platforms. We also provided a complete backend and administration, so that we were able to deliver a finalized app.

Technology used

We applied a new technology and even though ordinarily we don’t use React Native, for this particular project it was ideal since we worked with the same graphic design on both platforms.

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