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The Czech mobile app for bike-sharing.

Rekola is a platform for community bike-sharing operating in Prague and other cities across the Czech Republic. Rekola’s bicycles are freely distributed throughout the city and are recognizable due to their pink color. The total amount of available bikes comes out to be more than 1,000!

Rekola app from Ackee
Rekola app from Ackee
Rekola app from Ackee

Our solution

We have prepared native iOS and Android apps for Rekola. Applications include a map that shows all of the available bikes and zones in which they can be borrowed. Lending is done through typing the code on the bike into the application on your mobile phone. The application then displays the lock code of the particular bike. Returning the bike is done by clicking the return button in the app.

Main benefit

Rekola is a growing platform, and thanks to the native applications, their users have instant access to more than 1,000 pink bicycles across the whole Czech Republic! Our app’s success was confirmed when our work for Rekola came in at 2nd place in the audience competition at AppParade’s 20th competitive show of mobile applications.

Rekola app from Ackee
Rekola app from Ackee
Rekola app from Ackee

Scope of delivery

We prepared the version of Rekola’s iOS and Android applications, including graphic design and UX in 2015.

Technology used

The iOS application was completely written in Swift language. The bicycle was backed with GPS positioning, pinpointing it’s exact location.

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