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A million crown app is finally out!

As a gift for our 5th birthday we have set up a competition for non-profit companies. The winning project is Muzzle Bear from a Centre for Children with Hearing Impairment Tamtam with an idea to create an app that would help children to learn signing.

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Using gaming principles to enhance a motivation and an interest in an education especially used for children.

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Children can brush Muzzle’s hair, change its clothes, brush its teeth and take care of it.

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Muzzle Bear needs help finding objects that are introduced by signing videos.

Target Icon We design for children

We design for children

To attract their attention it is of course important to add lots of pictures and animations. Because our designer has an experience with creating for children, she know that the best way to learn is to play without even noticing that you are learning.

Design for children


Illustration Icon Redesigning the main character

Redesigning the main character

The already existing character of Muzzle Bear wasn’t suitable for a digitalization. It was necessary to simplify its shape and cut some details – so we worked on a character design. Finally we added a heart on Muzzles’ belly as its attribute.

Character design


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Because in fact it is an adventure game, it is important to see the whole surroundings and that is why we have written the app especially for tablets. Kids can download an Android and also iOS version of the game. For the animation we have used AfterEffect and Illustrator.

Adventure game


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