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One App for All the Contents of the Czech Internet

Tapito is a unique app that allows you to browse all of your favorite websites comfortably in one place, with or without internet connection.


Active view

Your content will be shown also in thumbnail even on lock screen for your more comfortable reading.


Teachable algorithm

The more articles you read the better this application understands your needs.


Offline article reading

Even if you are in subway or in a plane you are still able to read your favourite articles offline, Tapito simply rules!


How Do You Choose Relevant Content for 100,000 People?

The first version of Tapito had already existed before we began this project. It had simply been a reader for articles inserted in by the editors. Even though the app was very popular among users from its inception, there was nevertheless a consistent stream of customer feedback telling the developers of ways in which it can be run better. Rather than bombarding it with never-ending updates, our team felt it was better to go our own route and develop an entirely new application. That’s how we joined in the game.

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- big data


/02/ DRAFT

The More You Read, the More Tapito Gives You What You Love

Much more than a simple RSS reader, the app’s programming is so sophisticated that it interprets your tastes and presents you with material uniquely suited for you. This means that as you continue to read more articles, Tapito begins to gain an understanding of your tastes and presents you with the content you would already have been looking for. Using a uniquely structured algorithm, Tapito is capable of facing an array of articles that fit your field of interest and presenting you with only the ones that are congruent with your needs. Articles that seem to be less on your radar yet may prove to be relevant are neatly organized in a line of available links. This in itself is a deeply unique feature.

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/03/ Implementation

The First to Connect 12 Microservices

The main difference between the new Tapito and the old Tapito is its newly acquired faculty of independence. The real challenge of this project was establishing that independence, which was done by creating a backend that consists of 12 separate “applications” (aka microservices). Each microservice has its own task, such as recommending articles, downloading them, and more. All these microservice applications were developed by our team and communicate with each other using RabbitMQ front, making the data transfer and loading balance between apps fully automatic. It is safe to say that there is no one out there that had started a similar project before us.

- rabbit mq

- swift

- java


A Thorough Selection of Platforms for Maximum Efficiency

We manage the entire infrastructure that runs on multiple platforms simultaneously. Our goal is maximum availability and cost savings for our client- for example, the Google Cloud Engine has great pricing conditions for computing-intensive applications and Amazon conveniently provides highly available database. Thanks to the orchestration of Kubernetes, we exist independently of any particular platform and thus have the ability to flexibly respond to current conditions and save the client’s tens of thousands of CZK per month.

- ibm bluemix


- Google Cloud Engine


“Ackee stands behind the complete technological solution of the Tapito mobile application. During the development of this app, we faced many technological challenges and built solutions that could have been considered pioneering in most cases. The experienced Ackee team has not only solved all of these challenges, but has adhered to the expected time frame of the project. “

Tomáš Malíř CEO TAPITO

Tomáš Malíř



Mobile app Tapito

Tapito is a uniquely intelligent reader that gets to know your interests and provides content that would be specifically relevant to you. The app consists of 12 background applications; the more you use, the more Tapito knows what do so you can enjoy it to the fullest!



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