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A unique platform for trunk delivery

Year: 2018–2019
Client: ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab

How to allow partners to efficiently communicate with third party systems

For the pilot project, ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab needed a mobile application and modular service backend. This needed to work on the principle of easily scaled construction set, so that other partners or services could be included into the system. It was crucial to ensure smooth communication of the backend with the API of partners for collection and supplying information about car availability.

At the same time, our goal was to create a native mobile application for customers as well as couriers, whom it should enable to manipulate the car long-distance while maintaining maximum safety of all involved parties.


We have created a communication gate enabling manipulation of the car easily and safely

We have first tested the pilot project (backend and frontend) internally in the test phase on the cars of DigiLab, Alza and Rohlík employees. We have created native applications for Android and iOS that have two faces - one for the end users and the other for couriers. The maximum possible safety in transfer of data between backends and provision of the service itself is ensured by coded data transfer and strict access management.


From a virtual cart to the trunk of a car

How does the system work in praxis? The customer orders goods in an online shop and as transportation means they select delivery to the trunk. The courier subsequently receives the exact location and one-time secure access to the vehicle of the customer in a previously specified time window. Thanks to the application, they open the trunk, store the goods there, take a picture, lock the car again and send a notification to the customer about the successful delivery of the parcel.

Perfect awareness from the beginning to the end

The service allows the customer to control the status of the order, change the delivery time, add it to the calendar, display the location of the car on a map, receive notification about parcel delivery and evaluate its course. A specific courier is enabled by the application to easily localize the vehicle in a specified time window, blink the lights, verify by entering the registration plate code, single-use unlock it and lock it again, but also pause the delivery and report a problem in case of a non-standard situation.

Safety first

Maximum safety in providing the service is ensured by system certification, independent third-party testing, newest security standards in IT as well as automotive and last but not least cooperation with authorized partners with transportation insurance only. Customers can therefore rely on the fact that the delivery of the parcel will go smoothly.

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