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Mobile App for Zonky

When people lend money to people, it’s chill and even cheaper. And with the witty app that the Zebra got from us it’s even easier.
250+ screen

250+ screen

The app for Zonky was one of the most difficult projects we have ever worked on.

2600+ hours

2600+ hours

What a development - 14 Ackee developers co-worked with the developer team from Zonky.

2 months

2 months

The first version of the app for the “borrowers” was released into the stores in two months!


How did
Zonky get to us?

We and four other companies applied for a tender and… we won it! Zonky favored not only our know-how, but also the proposal designs. Our enthusiasm for this cooperation was a plus too.

  • Proposal design
How did Zonky get to us?

How the
workflow worked

During the development we co-worked with the Zonky team. All backend, iOS and Android developers were regularly visiting us and the rest of the communication was held on Slack.

  • Slack team
  • Inhouse
How the workflow worked

Easy to
sing up

One of the most difficult user’s sections was onboarding. There were many personal details to fill in, including loading documents. Our solution was an easy “click-on” with a possibility to finish the process on a desktop.

  • Invision
  • Craft
  • User testing
Easy to sing up

You won’t get lost
on Zonky’s market

When proposing the UI we focused on organizing a big amount of information in overview of loans and a countless number of investment variations. We had been testing the proposal until both sides were happy with it. Making the interactive prototype of the investments clearly helped us.

  • Sketch
  • Craft
  • Mirror
  • Principle
You won’t get lost on Zonky’s market

A development

We had used the freshest Apple and Google technologies, specifically MVVM architecture and Room and Realm databases. Applications are set in Swift and Kotlin and login works on Face ID.

  • MVVM
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Face ID
A development window

In the store
in two months

In only two months we were able to create a complete part for “the borrowers” and the part for “investors” was released shortly after that. Now we still monitor the app and we adjust it based on the testing results that Zonky gets.

  • Appsee
  • Analytics
  • Bug testing
In the store in two months

You will appreciate Ackee's sense of the observance of non-contractual gentleman agreements and terms, and feelings for the graphic and UX part of the whole project.

Lukáš Marek Sales director
Lukáš Marek
Sales director


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