BoxNow – New generation of delivery boxes

Year: 2021
Client: EMMA Capital
INTRODUCTIONSolution for constantly growing world of e‑commerce
EMMA Capital is a Czech investment group with its capital surpassing 1 billion euros. Within its mission to develop foreign markets, the company decided to launch the service BoxNow and selected us as a partner to build the biggest network of automated boxes for delivering packages in Greece and its neighboring countries.
CHALLENGELogistics platform from scratch
To build a complete system for a logistics platform of a newly emerging service in a short time? No problem. We love ambitious projects, so we did not get discouraged by its scope, necessity to synchronize with the supplier of the control firmware for the boxes or the unexpected delay of their delivery.
SOLUTIONThousands of automated boxes and satisfied clients
Thanks to our rich experience in logistics and the digitization of processes, we managed to develop an extensive backend system for the administration of partners and operation of all the distribution chains – from warehouse software to delivery and tracking packages around Athens to the back office and operational support of a quickly evolving service. We focused on processes being as easy as possible for e-shops, couriers, customers, and the client. Everything in record time and in exemplary agile development.
"Thanks to Ackee and its logistics solution, we can send parcels across all distribution channels - from e-shops to delivery boxes, interim storage facilities and particular addresses. We appreciated the flexible approach within agile development and our customers appreciate the speed and comfort of using our service."
Tomáš KočkaEMMA, partner


ManagementMarek Přibáň
UXMichal Mikolaj
DesignAnna MeshcheryakovaOndřej André Bartoš
BackendJiří ŠmolíkJamal AzizovZhanybek SadvakassovPatrik HoffmannDominik VeselýLukáš Hromadník
FrontendJiří ČermákLukáš HorákJiří Zdvomka
AndroidJan MottlEduard AblekimovPeter KonečnýDavid Bilík
DevOpsMartin BeránekTibor Tribus
TestingPetr Hovorka