Why us?

Beautiful on the outside, thought through on the inside

Design is not just the looks, it's mainly about functionality and ergonomics. We pay a lot of attention to the user and user experience overall.


We base our work on users’ needs and pain points

If you're not sure about them, we can help. We are ready to interview, observe the users’ work, dig deep into analytics data, create personas or product strategy.

Touch and feel your product and try it at an early stage

When we are sure about the content and features, it's time to create a wireframe prototype. This is how we can test it with real users. Usability testing reveals problems difficult to predict and even provides ideas for improvement.
Quotation mark iconTo create a tailor-made product just for you and your target group, it's essential to understand your business idea and focus on user needs.

Custom design just for you

After all the testing and iterations we get to the design. We never use any templates and all icons are custom made. What you get is great custom design by our award winning design team.
Crafted at Ackee
FlashSport app, UI design, 2019–2020
AIMS API website, UI design, 2020
Košík app, UX/UI design, 2019
The National Museum concept, UI design, 2019
Miláčci web app, UX/UI design, 2019
Web OS Ackee open-source library, UX/UI design, 2019
Shape of Sound app, UX/UI, motion design, 2017
Trunk delivery platform for ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, UX/UI design, 2018
Ackee socks FW19, graphic design, 2019
World Wide Fund app, UX/UI design, 2020
Ackee Wear FW19, graphic design, 2019
Expenses web app by Ackee, UX/UI design, 2019
Pivo Václav, visual style, 2019
The Office for Personal Data Protection, visual style, 2019

Fast and efficient teamwork

Designers never work alone. We cooperate closely with our developers, project managers and anyone else working on the project in-house. Because the best results come when all creative brains sit together under one roof.



German Brand Award – Bundestag App

1st place, Brand Communication – Digital solutions & Apps


Annual Multimedia Award – Bundestag App

2nd place, Mobile App

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