CO2IN – Helping to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Year: 2022 – 2023
Client: Amper
IntroductionA common mission to save the planet
 OutputsUX reviewdesigniOS appAndroid appweb apptesting
ChallengeNo app, no allowances
SolutionThe end of technical debt
PraxisSmart purchase, lower emissions
"We were looking for a partner who could provide a comprehensive solution for our project. The broad spectrum of skills and active pro-client approach that Ackee has demonstrated in various areas were key for implementing the project."
Václav VislousProduct Owner, CO2IN


ManagementMarek Elznic
DesignMartin JílekRoman GordienkoMarkéta Hejná
FrontendJakub BaierlMartin FoldynaIvan Harašta
iOSAlexandr GrigoryevLukáš HromadníkKarel Leinhäupl
AndroidPetr Šíma
TestingMariya Vorona