Crisis states in medicine – Application which saves lives

Year: 2020–2021
Client: 3rd Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University
INTRODUCTIONSpeedy help when time is of the essence
When the patient is in a life-threatening situation, it is necessary to act fast. But what if there is only a doctor or a nurse with a different specialization than what the urgent state of the patient requires available? This is the situation that the doctors from the 3rd Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University approached us asking help with creating a tool that will help the medical staff to handle it without issues.
CHALLENGEWith an algorithm towards the right diagnosis
The first step towards success was to sufficiently understand the professional medical terminology. Apart from that we had to adapt to the communication system of medical staff and integrate algorithms and data into the system so that the risk of misdiagnosis and deterioration of the patient’s state is minimal.
SOLUTIONWe help saving lives through data
Through a thorough revision and correct linking of the data, we created a clear structure in the Airtable platform which the medical staff is used to working with. We designed the most efficient solution of the design and development, we carefully checked all the algorithms deciding about the patient state and tested the application very thoroughly.
PRAXISAssistent in crisis situations
Interactive app will offer medical staff in urgent medicine ability to search in a database, important information such as contraindications, details about dosage of medicine and last but not least a system of early warning (Early Warning Score) which will enable them to react in time and prevent deterioration of the patient state.
“They are absolute professionals in what they do. Every suggestion they brought we fell in love with.”
Katarína Veselá,doctor, EMS Prague


ManagementMarek Přibáň
DesignJiří Ryšánek
AndroidOndřej JohnMichal Pešek
iOSJan MísařJakub Olejník
TestingMartina Perglerová