eDoklady – Czech digital identity in one app

Year: 2024
Client: Asseco
INTRODUCTIONA new era of identity-proofing
 Outputsnative iOS modulenative Android moduletesting
CHALLENGESensitive data shared securely
SOLUTIONDigital wallet for personal documents
PRAXISA pioneer in the digital transformation of the EU
"Ackee's work exceeded expectations. Their team demonstrated impressive technical knowledge and skills, work speed and communication. Ackee met the project's requirements, and we are very satisfied with the result."
Zdeněk VítekSolution Architect, Asseco Central Europe, a.s.


ManagementSoňa Daneshjoová
AndroidJan MottlMykhailo Liutov
iOSRostislav BabáčekAlexander Grigorov
TestingMariya Vorona