FlashNews – All that is going on in one application

Year: 2020 – 2021
Client: Livesport News
introductionIn order for nobody to miss anything
After the development of a platform mediating sports news FlashSport another ambitious goal followed: the development of an application which can offer an overview of the current news in one spot as fast as possible and based on the user preferences. This time for Livesport News, a subsidiary company of the technological group Livesport.

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challengeRevolution in spreading and acquiring information
Our task was to provide the user with a platform that would deliver accurate and up to date information about everything going on in the world based on their interest in the shortest possible amount of time. In a personalized way, but without the use of untransparent algorithms. The key factors for obtaining the requested functionality of the web and mobile apps were speed as well as management and control of all data sources.
solution Over 10 000 sources in one spot
We have designed and implemented the application so that the user gets relevant content coming from more than 10 000 sources. Thanks to this and the gRPC technology, we can quickly saturate the reader with a chronologically sorted overview of information based on their preferences – based on their selected media outlets, personalities, public institutions, places or following specific expressions.
interesting thingsWorking with less trustworthy sources
The only criteria to integrate the content followed by the user into the feed is date of publication. There is no prioritization. That is also true for the news provider. Based on the information from the Independent journalism foundation, some sources can be marked as potentially untrustworthy which the user is notified about by the app.
“We had very good experience with Ackee already from the FlashSport project. The cooperation with them proved successful. They were a very good partner to us, bringing their own extensive experience in the field into the project. We appreciated that we could release the MVP on schedule, just as it was planned a couple months before. There were no delays. The project is totally unique in its complexity and extent and we are glad that we could cooperate with Ackee during its realization.”
Filip HorkýHead of News Products, FlashNews