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Flashsport – Sports news at the speed of light

Year: 2019–2020
Client: FlashSport

Collect, personalize, deliver. Immediately

The beginning was our smart reader of content Tapito. Especially thanks to the used technologies and our experience, Livesport decided to select us as a partner to develop a brand new product after Tapito was bought out. The new product had to fulfil high technological expectations, enabling the selected content to be delivered to users almost in real time.


Sports news in a couple of seconds thanks to gRPC

How to best satisfy enthusiastic sports fans? The deciding factor is the speed. That is why we used gRPC technology and created mobile and web applications that can aggregate articles with the topic of sports from all relevant sources at the speed of light. Thanks to that, the users can get a complete overview in a blink of an eye about what is going on in the world of the sport that they are interested in.

Interesting things

Flexibility, speed, agility

Speed and flexibility had a key role from the very beginning. Thanks to the close cooperation with the internal Livesport team, we were part of all the project phases – from the consultation of UX design, through the sharing through versioning tools and databases of data to the load tests. Agile approach enabled us to share our technological know-how more efficiently and react faster to the requirements of the client. The results are the applications reflecting this principal in their relationship to the user.

“We were impressed by Ackee’s experience. They had the expertise to build the product we wanted and wouldn’t have been able to launch without them. Their greatest quality is the wide range of skill sets they can provide. They’re active partners who have supported us in multiple areas, and regularly suggest improvements. It’s clear they believe in our product and have the success of the project in mind. We’ve been very satisfied with the quality of Ackee’s work and are excited to continue working with them in the future.”

Jan Tomeš Project Manager, Livesport



Boris Kováč


Roman Gordienko Michal Mikolaj


Antonín Křivohlavý Jaroslav Šmolík Jiří Šmolík Michal Vlasák Zhanybek Sadvakassov


Lukáš Horák Marek Janča Jiří Zdvomka


David Bilík Michal Pešek


Igor Rosocha Jakub Olejník


Sandra Tatarevićová Tomáš Hejátko


Markéta Hejná Julie Klikarová