eDriver – Digital logistics for 21st century

Year: 2017 - ongoing
Client: HOPI
introductionSolution for digital driver and dispatchers
HOPI belongs among the biggest logistics companies in central Europe and has been active on the Czech market for almost 30 years. Our task was to create a tool for management of their entire fleet, making the administrative tasks easier for drivers and dispatchers and making it easier for the management to gather and evaluate data. That meant not only to digitize the transportation service process, but also the whole company.
challengeComplex processes simply
How to design an application for somebody who might possibly be using a smartphone only for the basic functionalities? We had to come up with a solution that would allow easy documentation of the complex logistics process and integrate it with the existing SAP system on the customer side. Apart from synchronization with the company planning system and data warehouse, it was a challenge to get not only the drivers, but also the dispatchers to participate and develop an environment for their mutual communication.
solution Minimum interactions, maximum efficiency
Thanks to usability testing and subsequent analysis, we were able to propose the best way of implementing new applications into the existing system using the WSDL service. This service is not too common, but our modern tools found a way to handle it. Also thanks to automation of the entire process it resulted into a user friendly application with easy navigation and minimum interactions.
interesting thingsNothing without testing
One of the key roles during the development of the applications had the above mentioned testing. It helped us in getting to know the logistics process thoroughly and uncover details without which we would not be able to integrate and improve their functions. We still put a lot of focus on feedback - the application has been tried out in the testing regime by hundreds of drivers already.
"We started extensive development of the eDriver system with Ackee in 2017. Within agile development, we encountered a lot of changes that we managed to implement into the individual applications thanks to the positive attitude of the Ackee project team. We appreciate most that Ackee is able to quickly adapt to requested changes and the quick communication at the level of the project team.”
Ing. Václav Šetelíkmanager of transportation controlling


ManagementMarek PřibáňLadislav MoravecDominik Veselý
DesignMichal MikolajJan PatkaJiří Ryšánek
BackendLukáš KočíLibor VilímekJiří ŠmolíkJaroslav ŠmolíkŠtefan Prokop
FrontendMarek JančaJiří ČermákLukáš HorákJakub Baierl
AndroidDavid BilíkDavid KholAdam VeseckýPavel SkalaDušan JenčíkVlad GorbunovRoman PolachMichal Pešek
DevOpsDavid KotalíkMarek BartíkTomáš HejátkoŠtěpán VranýMartin Beránek
TestingTomáš VoldřichRadek KuchařMaxim Rubáš