Money Step – Steps as investment

Year: 2020
Client: Toranotec
INTRODUCTIONA step closer to investment
Toranotec is a japanese group for asset management whose vision it is to make investing accessible to everybody. That is what they are trying to achieve through the Toranoko platform where money is not the only investment. Our task was to develop a supporting Android app Money Step which allows to make funds through the measure of walked steps.
 OutputsAndroid apptesting
CHALLENGEHow to make a fintech application
Given the fact that the original Android application Money Step was in very bad technological shape, the company approached us with the request to rework and improve it. Apart from that, the result of our work was supposed to make a reference for Toranotec to use as a new standard for their internal process of Android app development.
SOLUTIONCompletely new infrastructure
For the cooperation to be as efficient as possible, we started by performing a detailed analysis of the requirements and existing infrastructure. This analysis led to the need of its transformation which we were able to do based on our user stories and adjust our testing and development to it. The result is an exemplary Android application that can become the base for the internal development process.
PRACTICEBecoming an investor thanks to an application
Walked steps are synchronized to Money Step thanks to the integration of the application with Google Fit which administers and records data. Data can also be input manually. A part of our solution for Toranotec is therefore also the security feature that ensures that the user has really walked those steps.


ManagementMarek Přibáň
AndroidDavid BilíkEduard Ablekimov