We kicked off the year by saying goodbye to our Dejvice office in style, letting our imaginations run wild for a weekend, and over the course of it, we tried once again to change our (and your) lives for the better during a traditional hackathon. How did it turn out this time?

The process was pretty much the same as previous years: We brainstormed some promising ideas, pitched them to each other, and gathered after work on Friday to form mixed teams. This year, we invited a few former colleagues who regularly join our events, adding to the fun.

This hackathon was packed with cool projects and some unexpected adventures:

  • On Friday, we had a power outage right in the middle of our program. Turns out, electricity is kinda crucial for coding.
  • On Saturday, a cleaning crew barged in, determined to scrub the place down, hackathon or not.
  • For some, it was their first (and last) night spent in the office, making the experience even more memorable.

On Monday, after a weekend of brainstorming and coding, we presented our work to the whole company. Here’s what we came up with:

App for Jídlovice

Jídlovice has been our go-to lunch spot since their first branch opened in Dejvice. We decided to create a companion app for this beloved place. The app features a widget showing your balance, the daily menu, favorites, and notifications for your top dishes. The biggest challenge was the lack of an interface to access the data. But our team nailed it and got the app production-ready over the weekend.



Everyone knows URL shortening. But who can say they’ve got their own domain with an analytics dashboard, all built in one evening for practically nothing? We can! This idea was a hit and went live on Friday night. Big congrats to the team!


ČSFD Redesign

I’ve always loved the original ČSFD app (not the website). Even though it’s no longer on the App Store, I use it almost daily. With no new version in sight, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We designed a few screens, connected them to data, and here’s the result.




Remember those two-player reaction games on one phone? We used to play them a lot during breaks in high school. We didn’t see many on iPhone, and the ones we did find weren’t great. 😁 So we made our own. After a few design iterations, we landed on the final version, which you’ll hopefully be able to download and play soon.image1.png

Considering most people were only at the hackathon on Friday and Saturday, we managed to pull off a lot of amazing ideas in just two days. Hopefully, many of these projects will soon be in use. A huge thanks to all participants and our P&C team, without whom we wouldn’t have made it through the weekend. Thanks a lot, and see you next time!

Lukáš Hromadník
Lukáš Hromadník
iOS DeveloperLukáš is our iOS star. Apart from shining, his responsibility is to always maintain a perfect mood in the team. He likes to explore new technology and plays with everything.

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