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Mastering targets and schemes in Xcode for multi-environment development

One of the disciplines, which we have truly mastered at Ackee is the development of white-label applications. These are applications which differ only in a few variables, appearance, and part of the content. They are great for applications suitable for frequent replication thanks to the same structure (applications for new festival every year, etc.). In addition to our own products App4Fest and App4Conf, we have worked on a number of similar startups. When developing a mobile application, the programmer needs to make the work as easy as possible while keeping the code clean and uncluttered.

Although this topic is as narrowly focused, the opposite is true. This procedure can be applied to any application that is programmed against more environments (test and production server), which is actually 90% of applications. At Ackee we have found a suitable prescription for this issue, which I lectured about at the largest Czech conference on the mobile development of mDevCamp. You can now view the recording of the lecture including slides, and based on the number of views you can see that we have hit the taste of Czech developers accurately :)

The record from the lecture is available here. You will learn more about how to use the "holy trinity" (Target, Configuration, Scheme), so that the development of white-label applications goes smoothly and without creating duplications and unnecessary additional work.


Dominik Veselý
Dominik Veselý
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