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Testing droids on Testdroid!

With variety of Android devices and also Android platform being itself fragmented, it is a very hard task to keep your application in top shape and ensure same user experience for all of your users.  One developer with one device is certainly not enough. One developer testing on ten devices is surely an improvement, but what developer has time to test his app everytime he need. An army of independent testers can become very costly and also takes a lot of time. Automated testing is key how to get quick feedback on application behavior. But what if you could run your tests on your application on almost every Android device out there? Testdroid allows you to do that.

Testdroid is a set of mobile software development and testing products. We had opportunity to use it on several projects and I must say it was a very helpful tool. One of its main features is that it allows you to record test case on your real device and generate test, that can be run later on all of Testdroid devices in cloud at the same. This feature is pretty cool and timesaving, but in the end you almost always have to make manual changes to your test case sources. I must say that quality of your tests is crucial, if you want to get useful output from Testdroid testing. While using Testdroid you can take advantage of your knowledge of frameworks like Robotium, Appium, Uiautomator.

Writing solid automated tests is sometimes not that easy, but it´s always totally worth it. Testdroid rewards your effort with amazingly detailed test run reports on every Android device that Testdroid supports (hundreds of devices) at the same time. Very nice feature is that you can browse screenshots taken during test on all devices and compare differences and graphical glitches (sometimes that´s all you want to know).

For me, Testdroid is very useful for large, long-term projects and is the only option, when I need to know that things are working the way they supposed to work and I need to concentrate on more important matters.

Peter Schneider
Peter Schneider
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