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The Best iOS Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Hi! Today I'd like to go through Twitter accounts that I follow and which I have found useful in improving my iOS development skills – and also had a good laugh from time to time! Without further ado, let's dive into it. 🙂

Apple Engineers on Twitter

I'll start with some of the Apple folks – because who is better suited to inform about Swift and iOS than the people working on those projects, right?

Holly Borla

Holly is a great Swift compiler engineer – she tweets about her experiences working on Swift and at Apple. She is also a big proponent of diversity in tech - she was one of the people that helped make the Diversity in Swift project happen.

Slava Pestov

Slava is another Swift compiler engineer. He is also interested in older Apple products and... horses 🐴 so a good account to follow only if you don't mind having horses on your timeline!

Joe Groff

Joe is yet another Swift compiler engineer (last one, I swear!). Apart from Swift, he tweets about C++ and all dark corners of development. He is also extremely witty with a good deal of memes he produces. Plus he has adorable dogs, so if you don't follow him yet, now is a good time to start to.

SwiftUI Twitter accounts

SwiftUI is a new framework by Apple and that means there is still lots to learn! These are accounts that have been active within this topic:

Majid Jabrayilov

Majid not only has interesting tweets, but I heavily appreciate his thorough blog posts – which I get to know about on my timeline. 🙂

Federico Zanetello

Federico writes a lot of interesting blog posts with other tidbits on Twitter – apart from SwiftUI, give him a follow if you are interested in Swift CLI development.

Pavel Zak

Pavel always astonishes me with some animation he's able to write in SwiftUI.

Functional Programming in Swift

If you know me, you know I have a high appreciation for functional programming, so I have to give a shoutout to some accounts that "share the Gospel".


There's quite a high possibility that you already know about Pointfree but if you don't, not only give them a follow but consider subscribing to their video content - it has definitely helped me become a better developer. Pointfree's creators are also interesting accounts to follow: Stephen Celis and Brandon Williams.

Tomas Ruiz Lopez

Tomas has worked on Bow library which enables typed functional programming in Swift and his insights are extraordinary as he often looks at Swift with a more theoretical approach that you might not find elsewhere.

Development Tools

Development tools are key to our productivity. We should always strive for optimizing our current workflow.

Daniel Martin

Daniel has often great insights regarding tools that might seem outdated - emacs, CLI tools, etc. - but can help you a lot. Of course, it's fine if you prefer GUI but having an open mind about this might make it more efficient in the long run.

Pedro Buendia

Pedro is an engineer manager at Shopify where he works on developer's tooling plus he's an author of tuist - a great tool for managing Xcode projects. As Swift/iOS developers, we often have the tendency to stay in this realm and don't look at what other platforms are doing but Pedro definitely is not like that.

You can check out all the accounts and some more in this Twitter list. You can also follow me on @marekfort or our iOS team’s tweets by @JohnAckeeseed. Enjoy!

Marek Fořt
Marek Fořt
iOS DeveloperMarek has a passion for opensource and developer tooling, he studies at Faculty of Information Technology at CTU and likes to ride a bike around the city.

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