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Ackee Mission: Sustainable Digitalization

After ten years on the market, we have come up with a mission, you ask? Certainly not, the Ackee mission has remained the same since the beginning, but as it sometimes happens, it has been spreading by word of mouth. Now it was clearly formulated, partly thanks to the great workshops by Milan Formánek.

What is included within these few words? What does it mean exactly?


From the beginning, we have strived to be the best partner for digitalization. It means developing custom software that modifies the functioning of the company or its product. Sometimes it also creates new, previously non-existent processes, products or whole companies. Especially the last two things are something that we have enjoyed most in the previous years and where we are powerful – partly thanks to the cooperation with such big names as Livesport or EMMA Capital, who bet on us long-term and our cooperation brought great results.


Partner is an absolute keyword for us. We do not want to be a supplier. It might be a slightly hackneyed phrase lately, but we had it this way long before it was cool. We believe in balanced relationships within our company culture as well as with our clients. We provide the best results when we are directly involved in the project. We are not and do not want to be just programmers of a brief – that would be losing our added value.


What might have been surprising for you is the word sustainable. Sustainability generally does not mean using paper bags or straws instead of plastic. Sustainability is thinking about how long the bag will last, how many times it will be used, how difficult it is to produce it and last but not least, whether somebody actually needs it.

And all of this applies to software and digitalization as well. We do not make applications that end in a drawer and have no use. We do projects - cliché alert - that makes sense. Our applications do not need to be rewritten after one year. Our development is as efficient as possible, we do not waste our or our client’s resources (personal, time or financial), or we use a maximum of ready-made solutions.

We want to get the world rid of omnipresent ill-conceived, non-functional or useless IT projects that are a waste of money at first glance just masked as “digitalization” and “innovation”.

Even though we naturally have sustainable digitalization in our blood from the beginning, we want our mission to be expressed more loudly. A greater emphasis on its presentation can increase its impact, and software development can be more sustainable like other fields.

Dominik Veselý
Dominik Veselý
Co-Founder & CTODominik is the Ackee information router. He is an early adopter of technologies and gadgets of any kind. He runs, rides a bike, and drives a cabriolet.

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