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The Best Web Dev Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Do you seek inspiration and want to be up to date in the web bubble? Twitter is packed full of tips and insights for/from mobile as well as web developers. Check out these people and never miss the latest tech info.

International web pros

Dan Abramov

Dan is a member of the core React team and is a must-follow for any React developer. Apart from React he tweets about web development in general.

Cory House

I find Cory the most valuable source of JS and React development tips, which he shares on a daily basis.

Kent C. Dodds

Kent is another JavaScript expert who created excellent and very thorough courses including Epic React Dev. He has recently joined the Remix team and tweets about the framework as well.

Lee Robinson

Lee is a Director of Developer Relations at Vercel, a company behind Next.js web framework. He tweets about web development, serverless and React / Next.js.

Ryan Florence

Another framework representative is Ryan Florence, co-founder of Remix.

Wes Bos

Wes is an author of many great courses focused on JS, backend and frontend, worth following.

Josh W. Comeau

He is the author of the great Css for JS devs course and former Gatsby team member.

Czech web developers

Robin Pokorný

A representative from the Czech Republic tweeting about JavaScript and TypeScript, also having interesting talks at Frontendisti meetups from time to time.

Martin Michálek

Martin was one of the first people I have gained inspiration from in my early days of web development. He usually tweets about CSS, writes the blog vzhurudolu.cz and has published several books. Martin is also focused on web performance and founded the service pagespeed.cz.

Johny Cache

The best account to follow is definitely Johny Cache! A funny guy from Ackee frontend team tweeting about web development stuff and caching problems.

Other dev accounts

Robin Marx

A security, performance and networking researcher I started following after reading his excellent series of blog posts about the new HTTP/3 protocol.

Moxie Marlinspike

A security expert, developer and founder of the Signal messenger app, who has recently questioned Web3 phenomena.

I Am Developer

Let’s have some fun at the end. This account tweets funny stuff and memes about development. Enjoy!

What are your favourite web developers you follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

Jiří Zdvomka
Jiří Zdvomka
Frontend developerJirka is a web technologies enthusiast. Besides Ackee, he is a founder of peer-to-peer ticket marketplace Swapper and plays Ultimate Frisbee in his spare time.

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